Rabbits & Foxes

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Rabbits eat flowers, trees or stems off plants, and they damage farmers’ crops, dig holes in golf courses, football and training pitches. Our control methods include shooting, trapping, repellents, habitat modification and exclusion.

Poultry and sheep farmers do not want foxes in their vicinity; for example they are attracted to lambing fields to consume the afterbirth of ewes and acquire the taste for young animals.

Control methods that we use are a lamp and a rifle, as foxes are mostly nocturnal and tend to do most of their hunting under the cover of darkness.

Each wildlife or feral solution is unique and requires an on-site survey; contact us if you have a health and safety, vermin, wildlife, pest, sanitisation, feral pigeon, squirrel or cat problem that we can resolve for you.

In the news…

Woman attacked by fox in Dublin.  Click on image below to listen to her story.


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